Food inc.

Food inc. is a popular film released in 2008 about American corporate farming. it opened the eyes of many meat-eaters who were otherwise oblivious to the systematic practices of the corporations pumping out meat to the American populace. Ultimately, it argued for a more ethical process for the meat industry and urged consumers to care and to know about the background of the meat they eat.

Do you agree with the message, or disagree?


Am I a hypocrite or no?

I am all for animal rights. I hate any for of animal abuse or mistreatment. However, I eat meat. Does this make me an animal rights hypocrite? 

Day in and out I think about turning into a vegetarian; not because i don’t like meat products, but because I despise the way animals are treated for the sole purpose of human consumption. I’m not going to lie, I love meat. I love eating steak, hamburgers, chicken, etc. I am somewhat of a carnivore and I’m not proud of myself for that. I always try to justify myself for eating meat by saying things like, “just because I hate animal abuse doesn’t mean I cannot eat meat.” This motto of mine is going to change. 

My goal is to avoid meat products while I am in Peru. Although it may be difficult, it is doable. Of course I will miss eating all of my favourite foods, but I need to stand up for what I believe.

Am I a hypocrite or no? Please be honest!

Are certain advertisements necessary?

If you think about, people do not need to see certain advertisements in order to buy products. Although advertisements/commercials are very handy, I personally believe that some corporations could still make large amounts of money without them.  For example, do you think Nike would not get any sales if they didn’t post advertisements? No, people would still buy their products because Nike is such a well known international company. No matter where you go in the world, it is likely that most people will know what Nike is. 

My main point is that do certain corporations need to spend large amounts of money on advertisements all the time? I mean, they obviously help corporations out but I feel as if they are unnecessary at times.

Agree or disagree?

Rick Santorum Ad- “Rombo”

Rick Santorum ran the Ad `Rombo`during his 2012 presidential run. It was aimed at Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential nominee. The tactic was to turn Mitt Romney`s negative ads back on himself, by exploiting the fact that he used extensive resources in order to attack Santorum. Thus, the American populace would be turned off by Romeny`s apparent aggression, giving Santorum a much needed boost in the polls at the time. However, what makes this ad brilliant is the fact that Santorum can expose Romneys attack ads through an attack ad itself. Therefore in reality, it is hypocrisy because he`s using an attack ad (hence the poor portrayal of Romney in the video) to criticize Romney`s use of attack ads. Overall, the ad is extremely effective although consciously hypocritical.

Under two months to go!

It’s crazy how fast time passes by. I can still remember the day I received the acceptance letter from the University of Waterloo saying that I will be attending first year International Development. Now, I am heading to the 4th year placement in Peru in September.

International Development has taught me more than just what we were instructed during lectures. Not saying that lectures have been worthless (they have taught me a variety of concepts/theories) but actually taking part in the university of experience has matured me and helped me become into the person I am today and I am very grateful for that.

Peru will be an awesome experience. I will be going there with 3 fellow Indevours (3 of us will be in Tarapoto and 1 will be in Huacho). Although I have already familiarized myself with the Latin American culture, I hope to learn much about Peru. I plan on travelling around the country, especially to Machu Picchu.

Be sure to follow my blog posts while I am in Peru!

Chevrolet Sonic Commercial

Grabbing the attention of the audience is the goal of every commercial, isn’t it? Well, Chevrolet’s recent viral commercial caught my eye as they made their new car (the Sonic) cruise the streets like a skateboard!

As we learned in our INDEV 303 class, car commercials usually aren’t trying to sell cars. Instead, they are trying to sell the lifestyle. In this case, it seems like Chevrolet is trying to sell the “extreme” lifestyle as they are showing their Sonic car act as a skateboard. This appeals to many audiences (in my opinion, the younger generation).

Commercials like this make me enjoy advertising! Anybody else enjoy it? Comment below and let me know!